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Bloody Freezer Door!

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mewmeow Wed 09-Oct-13 18:03:27

Half what would you do and half massive rant as i expect i know what i have to do sad

Its been left slightly ajar, probably since fucking dp put the shopping away on Monday afternoon. The food has now gone all gone soft and mushy, still cold but at fridge temperature, not in any way solidified or frozen. Will probably have to throw the whole lot away (apart from what i cook for tea tonight) wont i? Is anything salvagable for re-freezing? Got chips, veg, fish fingers etc. About £50 worth.

Not just angry about the money, although we are struggling, its the principle of putting all that perfectly good food in the bin when people are starving all around the world. Feel like shit about it...whole unopened bags of hash browns ;,(

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