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Would you get rid of this friend or give them a chance?

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HariLikesIt Sat 12-Oct-13 09:43:06

Maybe she has no one else because no one puts up with this behaviour. I had one like that, I said (after one final nasty comment) really just stop saying things like that do you realise how nasty you sound? There's no need for it just try being kind for once! She apologised and later that day unffriended me on Fb and has not been in touch since. Problem solved! And I feel much better for assertively telling her to stop being mean! hugs tho, people like this take over your life it's not a nice time xxx

SatinSandals Thu 03-Oct-13 22:33:04

She doesn't sound like a friend. I would gradually distance myself.

Brandnewmamma Thu 03-Oct-13 22:24:54

I say friend but I recently have had enough. I know we should all live and let live but this girl is just so draining ..negative.. Woe is me.. Blah blah..

She is demanding.. Rings constantly even though I don't answer. I recently had a baby and was very sick after birth.. She rang and rang demanding to visit not long after the birth. I would have let her only I couldn't face her moaning and opinions.

She thinks breastfeeding is a bit strange, she said her sisters baby was 'mad for the tit' she is nosey also.

She wanted to call late tomorrow night with her young children and I said no but more than welcome before eight as that is when baby needs. Feed and bath.. She basically put the phone down on me saying I could visit her newborns anytime.. Fair enough but she bottle fed.. No way would I feed in front of her when he makes vulgar comments.

I have told her I need space.. She rang crying that he loves me.. Errrrrr... This was mixed in with digs and bitchiness.

I can't shake her off and feel guilty when I ignore her. She has no one else.

It is awkward as my parents say she is a good old friend and we work in similar professions and time to time have to work together..

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