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lljkk Wed 25-Sep-13 22:55:33

I wonder if you could talk to CAB about support (financial benefits) for carers, you may have to become his carer for a long while.
Sounds so awful his accident, hope he recovers well.

CackleALot Wed 25-Sep-13 21:43:39

Sorry if a bit long winded!!...

I was due to go back to work after maternity leave this wk but my DP was involved in an off road buggy accident 4 weeks ago where he nearly lost his arm. He is receiving care at a hospital away from home so we are staying with his family at the moment with our 2 kids 3 yrs & 7 mths

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole situation - DP doesn't know if he'll have full use of his arm again, can't drive, haven't had a chance to settle 7mth DD into nursery along with all usual sick feelings of planning to leave DD with complete strangers while I return to work.

I'm exhausted & can't switch off, tearful & nauseous.

Work have given me 2 weeks special leave but then if I need more time off I'll have to take unpaid leave which we just can't afford.

DP says I should try get signed off but I don't think I warrant sick leave.

Any suggestions of what to do? I am at my wits end! TIA

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