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Quick help please, police? locksmith?

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MisselthwaiteManor Mon 23-Sep-13 13:07:07

I am in the middle of seperating from my H and he has locked me in the house. He always locks the door on his way to work but today I went to go out and my door key is missing from my keys. Embarassingly I don't know how many times he has done this because I don't get out on my own much.

I am panicking about not being able to get out in case of fire. I think this would be scary for a normal person but I have anxiety and I am here with a 3 month old.

Do I call the police or is that over reacting? A locksmith? Will/can a locksmith help you get out of a house? I have no cash here to pay him and cashpoint is about a 20minute walk away so what do I do? Call a locksmith and make him walk with me to a cashpoint like a twat? Or call the police and say what? "Nothing has happened but my door is locked, save me"

Would you just wait it out until H is home? (about 9 more hours)

I have tried kicking it down and picking the lock but not working.

MisselthwaiteManor Mon 23-Sep-13 16:15:37

Lock has been changed and I'm about to go get some spares cut so on that front we are OK now.

I know I need to get out, I am working towards getting him out actually, and I know it's a big deal, just hate the thought of wasting police time on something I can't prove. But I will contact them if only just to talk it through and see what their view is. Thank you for your help.

hashtagwhatever Mon 23-Sep-13 18:02:15

wonder what his reaction will be when his key doesn't work.

glad you are out and ok op.

YourHandInMyHand Mon 23-Sep-13 18:41:07

I thought you were moving out and going back to where you have a support network? How are you hoping to get him to leave? I can't see it happening and he will always view that house as his even if he's not living there.

Hope you are okay OP.

MikeOxard Tue 24-Sep-13 16:00:43

Did you let him back in yesterday? Seems a waste of a lock change if you did. Also did you report it to the police? I hope you get help and get out of this abusive situation.

locksmithlondon Wed 11-Jan-17 00:36:53

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Redglitter Wed 11-Jan-17 00:40:14

This thread is over 3 years old but hey good advert hmm

Thadius Wed 11-Jan-17 00:49:30

Redglitter this poster seems to be spaming all locksmith threads hmm I have reported all the posts. Hopefully they will be blocked soon.

ANightWatcher Wed 11-Jan-17 00:53:01

Their posts are being deleted as fast as I see them. I'm anticipating a ban for them in the morning

Thadius Wed 11-Jan-17 00:58:17

ANightWatcher Great job wine

MrsBlennerhassett Wed 11-Jan-17 01:18:25

Do contact the police. Locking you in the house is a crime and you need it logged so that you have evidence if his behaviour escalates and you need a restraining order or similar in the future. Use the non emergency 101 number to get them to log it.
Its really awful i hope you are okay. Getting lots of keys cut so you can have several so he can never do this again is a v good idea flowers

MrsBlennerhassett Wed 11-Jan-17 01:18:52

ah zombie thread!!!

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