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So here's a (totally) hypothetical situation for you...

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olgaga Tue 17-Sep-13 11:22:15

"Great idea but we'll already have eaten so we can all go to bed when we get there after such a long journey. Would be lovely if you can bring lunch at the following day".

tb Sun 15-Sep-13 14:57:36

Say that you were planning to eat en route during the journey so to leave it until the following lunchtime.

SanityClause Sun 15-Sep-13 09:16:17

When we went to Australia to visit my family, with DC 8, 6 and 3, we asked for no one to meet us at the airport. Instead, we went to a hotel apartment we had booked, and had a sleep.

Later on, my sister and her DC came and had a swim with us in the hotel pool, and we went out for a casual meal. We travelled to see my parents the following day.

This was so much better than my parents, 5 siblings, their partners and children all coming to meet us at the airport after a 24 hour flight, which was my mother's suggestion.

ninipops Sun 15-Sep-13 08:54:52

Thanks, I'm never sure when things like this are suggested (and they are a lot!!) whether or not I'm being unreasonable or my DM is totally not thinking, which is a habit of hers!

cosysocks Sun 15-Sep-13 08:53:58

Say thanks but we will have had to eat earlier due to the children and I want to get them settled into bed. How about and nice breakfast together in the morning?

recall Sun 15-Sep-13 08:52:30

"That's too much, too late for us after that journey, how about the next night ?"

SanityClause Sun 15-Sep-13 08:51:58

"Let's all meet up the next day, instead, otherwise everyone the children will be too tired and grouchy to enjoy it."

fridayfreedom Sun 15-Sep-13 08:51:14

Yy to London, you will be knackered and the Dc may sleep on route and not be ok at just going to bed in a new place.

FetchezLaVache Sun 15-Sep-13 08:49:00

My reaction would probably be along the lines of "No thanks, that'll be a bit much for us that late at night after all that travelling! See you the next day".

LondonNinja Sun 15-Sep-13 08:48:29

I'd say bring it all for lunch the next day!

VinegarDrinker Sun 15-Sep-13 08:48:28

Great, as long as they do the washing up too!

DC can go to bed upstairs and you can still make the most of time with your family.

ninipops Sun 15-Sep-13 08:46:50

You are shortly to travel to a family gathering @ your childhood home which will involve a 15 hour drive - ferry - drive with your DH and 3 DC's (3.5, 2 & 8 mths) You will be staying in a rented house close to said childhood home. On confirming dates times with your DM she says 'Great we'll cook dinner and bring it to your house and all eat together.' This will be at 9 at night and will involve DM, 2 siblings, a SIL, a 4yr old niece and an 8mth old nephew.

What is your reaction??

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