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Stay or move?

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greeneone12 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:18:24

DP and I (both 31) live with our DD and my Dad in my family home. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 doubles and a single, (one of which is used by DP for his x-box, films and otherr stuff). My Dad isn't ever around much on Saturday nights so we generally have the weekends to ourselves. My DD loves seeing her Grandad and we feel as if everyone has enough space to breathe.

There are several new builds going on in our local town, close to the train station which DP and I use for work. We are really stuck on what to do as the new builds are apartments, with no garden although they do have 2 double bedrooms. We hope to extend our family soon so it would end up being 4 of us.

If we wait 3 odd years (which feels like an eternity) and save we would be able to have a deposit for a private property and have more choice but the adult in me is craving a space of my own....and I feel as if getting on the housing ladder is better than not making that first step.

I know it's not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things but I am hoping some of you may have some objective views that might help.
I would be really interested to hear anyone's thoughts on siblings sharing rooms, garden v's no garden, new builds v's older properties.

I am just so confused as to what to do for the best! Thanks in advance to anyone who offers their thoughts.

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