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Playing outside.

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georgie7 Sat 07-Sep-13 13:44:36

Never posted before. So sorry if its in the wrong area. Me and my partner are worried about a boy in our housing estate who seems no older than four (he can hardly talk) being allowed to play outside on his own. He is out till as late as 7 and a few times we have heard her screaming and running round the houses looking for him. There are lots of roads and a very busy roads that runs along the side of the estate. He has no road sense and I am forever seeing him running across without looking. My mother even caught him going out to main road in his Pj's at gone 8 at night, she had to walk him bak to his house were she was totally unaware and didn't seem to care. He hangs of cars wing mirrors, climbs over them and has even removed the petrol cap of our car. She has come and said sorry to my partner saying she just can't control him. I am worried about the harm he could come to but no idea what to do as we don't really know the mum. I know my little boy will have to be a lot older before he plays out alone.

HeySoulSister Sat 07-Sep-13 13:54:48

I think a phonecall to social services would be justified here

if he is four,then in the absence of SN he should be speaking by now,so he may actually be younger

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