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My missing green dustbin lid has turned up on black bin of neighbours two doors down

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Pinkpinot Sat 07-Sep-13 07:54:36

Our bin men mix everything up
The neighbours might not have taken it

fruitpastilles Sat 07-Sep-13 07:51:51

Our neighbours took our recycling box the other week too, I just called the council an told them and they sent a new one out, it come the next day. It now had our house number painted on in huge numbers. Could you call your local council?

Where we live the council will come and repair the bins because they supply them. Will this apply to you?

vix206 Sat 07-Sep-13 07:43:17

Take it back and say nothing. My neighbours took our recycling box a few months back. We were stuck for 2 weeks but just took it back the next collection day. Bare faced cheek shock

lunar1 Sat 07-Sep-13 07:37:14

Take it back and get some big numbers painted on

lunar1 Sat 07-Sep-13 07:36:41

Take it bac

MrsMangoBiscuit Sat 07-Sep-13 07:34:10

I'd just go and take it back. If they question it, breezily say "Oh, I assumed the bin men had put it back in the wrong place" smile

halfwayupthehill Sat 07-Sep-13 07:27:20

Interesting.... Taking it back without saying anything is simplest but seems v daring. I am sure the lid is mine... I have the only green bin on the road.

solarbright Sat 07-Sep-13 03:18:14

Steal it back. Just make sure it really, really is yours!

Selks Sat 07-Sep-13 03:11:49

I would just go and get it and say nothing.

halfwayupthehill Sat 07-Sep-13 03:04:43

Should i ask if they have seen a green lid or be upfront, or just take it back or do nothing?
Foxes are a problem, i resent spending money on a new bin but i don't want to be petty etc.

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