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Awkward situation at work. Wwyd?

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Snardvark Thu 05-Sep-13 22:40:35

Thanks. I think the other guy genuinely thinks I won't say anything as we get on ok. But I feel I should be loyal to my boss who I also like and has always been decent to me. Sort of pre warn him not to trust his colleague too much.

MajesticWhine Thu 05-Sep-13 22:29:30

Yes, it's a bit awkward. I think on balance you should probably keep the information to yourself. However, even if you say what happened, tactfully, there is no reason for you to be adversely affected. Surely the other guy would expect you to brief your boss about what has been going on, what has been said etc.
The other guy was obviously trying to gain some political benefit by pointing this out in front of the board, and making himself look better.

Snardvark Thu 05-Sep-13 22:19:50

Had an external review at work last week. My boss was on leave.

So I get sent to the review along with someone who does the same job as my boss on another site. The review covered both sites. My boss and this other guy had both prepared files/cases for the external reviewer. It's an interim review so doesn't really count.

The review went ok. Some of the files/cases my boss had prepared wouldn't have passed as some stuff was missing. Which was kind of the point of the see how close we are to target.

Other bloke was annoyed and said my boss doesn't know what they're doing as they put in these files. Though some of his were picked up by the reviewer as non compliant as well.

Afterwards we fed back to the board how the review had gone and this bloke dropped my boss in it a bit. Saying that they hate to say it but the cases on our site weren't good enough, etc.

Then later on was asking me what my boss spends all his time doing.

The thing is do I tell my boss? He gets on well with this other bloke and obv thinks they're mates. I'm worried if I tell him he'll confront this other bloke and ill be dropped in it. There's a chance this other bloke might become my boss in the not too distant future.

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