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kandiizsweet Thu 05-Sep-13 13:52:29

My daughter is 9 weeks old, i was exclusively breast feeding her, then slowly went onto the bottle because i had to give her medicine for reflux which i had to mix in with milk 3 times a day, which slowly led to more bottles a day because she seems to not want the breast anymore! Where as i don't want to stop breast feeding her! Iv not properly fed her on the breast for about 2 weeks now she just crys whenever i put her on, I DO NOT WANT TO FEED HER JUST FORMULA! i miss breast feeding her an its so much healthier for her too. So i was thinking of just stopping the bottle all together at once, an basically just only give her the breast, there is some milk in my breasts left but hardly any so i really need her to be sucking. Will she starve if i just refuse to feed her a bottle? Because i tried doing this about an hour ago i refused to feed her an put her on the breast she was sucking for about ten mins then started crying it was awful to see her cry so i gave her the bottle an now shes fine, shall i just refuse an let her cry? I really really want TO exclusively breast feed her again. Thank you x

nextphase Thu 05-Sep-13 18:26:57

Can you express, and feed her bm in some of her bottles to build your supply back up?

LurcioLovesFrankie Thu 05-Sep-13 18:47:45

Suggest you repost on Breast and Bottle Feeding, as Tiktok should be able to give you really excellent advice (but may not notice a post over here).

Good luck with it - AFAIK re-lactation is possible but hard work (and you're in a relatively good place as you have some supply which just needs building up). Also maybe phone La Leche League for advice.

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