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Arggghhhh what to do for the best

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sarahC40 Mon 22-Jul-13 19:02:17

Hi I need some perspective....I held a birthday sleepover for my son with a number of friends. All went well, until my son told me that some of his birthday money had gone missing. We thought he had miscounted, but I've discovered today from my tearful boy, that one of the guests has admitted he took a tenner, but 'felt guilty so put £20 back'. We checked it all and there is £30 missing.

Well, I'd be amazed if a ten year old had bought £20 to a birthday sleepover in my garden....Then he told me that this boy had said that he had £30 'spending money' for the summer, but if his mum asked my son where he'd got it, my son should tell her that 'he'd found it in a bush'....Sigh.

I don't know the mum particularly well, so have decided to allow one day for this boy to develop a conscience. I have told my son to say: a) that I know about this and what this boy has said; b) that there is still money missing; c) that if he has any more money, he should return it immediately; and d) that I'm thinking about going to speak to his mother about it all.

What do you think?

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