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partner lying and gambling again

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breadandbutter1012 Sat 20-Jul-13 15:30:21

thank you mummytime. My son is older enough to understand a little of what has gone on. He can still see his dad. Luckily we haven't had Bailiffs he seems to negotiate paying his debts some how.
But I just feel bad for him, in other ways his dad is good dad. Thank you so much for answering on here.

mummytime Sat 20-Jul-13 15:12:06

You are not unfair on your DS to ask him to leave. The best thing my mother did was leave my gambling father. The only other gambling addict I knew well, only really did work to try and sort himself out after his wife kicked him out.

Your son deserves to grow up not in fear of the Bailiffs or hiding behind the sofa from people knocking on the door.

Get him out and then find out about benefits etc. and CSA. If you will struggle to support yourself and your son, think how much worse it will be with a partner frittering away money and running up debts. Without him and his debts just has to be better (also if the money is removed directly from his earnings then at least it will get to you rather than being lost).

breadandbutter1012 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:19:26

Regular user name changed as some people know id on other name.
Long story but partner of ten plus years. Gambled in the past and each time I have found out. Had an IVA once he paid off and now run up more debt. Well last year finally admitted he had a problem. I had him back on the understanding he went to gamblers anon and counselling, which he did for a bit. But today found out gambling again. Well he said few months ago and stopped again. But trouble is he lies and I can't believe a word he says.
What to do now? I have asked him to leave. But his relatives are saying I am unfair to our DS (9 year old).
Not sure how we will manage I only work 13 hours and have rent etc to pay.
Help please lovely mumsnetters.

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