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Should we move our children to a family farm now?

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celandine Fri 19-Jul-13 10:01:21

Really tricky one this, and we need to decide within a few weeks really. DH has parents who live on a farm 1 hour away, not a working farm anymore but 200 acres of land and buildings including a barn which we could convert into a great sustainable home, loads of space, business potential for DH (whose job is looking uncertain) and wonderful grandparents literally on the doorstep in the farmhouse. We have loads of business ideas...and we could have another child, have chickens, grow loads of veg, do a farm shop, have friends to come and camp over....

The huge dilemma is that ds1 (10) and ds 2 (7) are really happy here, great schools, really good friends and everything is on our doorstep in our local town. Neither of them want to move now, though they do change their minds.

There is a brilliant secondary school here which DS1 would start September 2014, which has 'outstanding' Ofsted reports and is just 10 minutes walk away from us. The new school near the farm would be a 10 minute drive and is DH's old school, a good one still, but smaller and perhaps not so many opportunities for them.

They are well-liked boys now but both fairly shy and take a while to make new friends. They are both in local football clubs which they love and are a big part of their lives, which would all have to change if we go.

And of course I have my friends, though I reckon I could make the move with some effort.

We could wait until both DS's have left school and then go up but by then then all their friendships will be established here, which would be even tougher, and DH and I won't have quite so much energy to start new businesses up!

The architect is coming in week's time and we will need to set things in motion if we want it converted by next summer. help - what would you do??

PicardyThird Wed 07-Aug-13 16:52:35

Caught me out too, countrymummy! blush

OP - how did it turn out? [curious]

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