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How would you word this email?

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RiotsNotDiets Fri 21-Jun-13 00:02:23

Thanks Never smile

Nevercan Thu 20-Jun-13 19:20:05

I would just say that I am still very eager to help but haven't seen any information yet. Have you had a chance to send it through yet? Just wanted to check in case it has gone into my spam folder in error - or something like that grin

RiotsNotDiets Thu 20-Jun-13 12:58:05

Last week, I spoke to a very nice woman on the phone, I've offered to help in a project she is running. She was very enthusiastic about me helping, and I was really looking forward to getting started.

She said that she would email over some information and I could choose from two aspects of the project to help with. It's over a week since the phone call now, and she hasn't emailed me.

I'm sure it has just slipped her mind, so I just want to send a polite reminder email that isn't pushy or needy.

Any advice?

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