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Daughter wants to dump her dance partner, what to do!!!

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greenfolder Tue 18-Jun-13 22:24:36

I think your dd has given it a go! Exactly half her life to be fair. Talk to the teacher, explain the issue, ask for her to be found another partner.

Trickybottom Mon 17-Jun-13 11:15:56

When my dd started dancing the teacher paired them up with other girls for duets at competitions. She has to dance with her around 6 times a year at the competitions and maybe one practice once a week. BUT 5 years later my dd really does not like this girl and does not want to be her partner anymore. The girl in question has been mean to not only my dd but other girls too. Her parents are really lovely though. I'm really stuck as what to do, some say I shouldn't make her dance with her if she really doesn't want to, but in life sometimes you have to be with people you don't necessarily like! Both girls are 10 years old, any advice would be great x

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