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SIL has unfriended me on facebook!

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PrincessOfWails Mon 10-Jun-13 13:09:56

OK, so she's a slightly difficult girl sometimes - who isn't? But I have no idea why this has happened. She can be sensitive, but I don't recall doing anything specific. Obviously I have.

I'm not sure when it happened either; I remember seeing her status when it was voting, so beginning of May. But I noticed last week that she had unfriended me. Nice. I had seen her the previous weekend at DH's birthday party, but I was rushing around sorting food and stuff and didn't have any long chat; she's not the most chatty anyway.

What do I do? Unfriend the other SIL? [***They're in a civil partnership, hence 2 SILs! SIL1 is DH's sister, SIL2 is her OH; SIL2 is the one who has unfriended me. Sorry, that got a bit confusing!]

LieweHeksie Mon 10-Jun-13 13:11:56

Maybe she only wants to be friends with her actual friends?

And I don't mean that in a sarky way.

PrincessOfWails Mon 10-Jun-13 13:13:11

Maybe. She is still friends with my DH, though, and also her FIL (my DH's dad, who is my FIL as well - and totally annoying on facebook if I may add!)

peggotty Mon 10-Jun-13 13:14:29

Why would you unfriend your other SIL? Just ignore the fact she's done it and never mention it. If your not that friendly with her it doesn't matter really does it. And if it's ever mentioned, well, it wasn't you who did the 'unfriending'. It's just Facebook, not real life and you say you've had contact with her since anyway.

peggotty Mon 10-Jun-13 13:15:00


Pfaffer Mon 10-Jun-13 13:15:03

Has she deleted her profile?

Just don't do anything, what needs to be done? People use Facebook in different ways, maybe she had lots of things going on and wanted it more private. Even if she didn't like you, what could you do about it to make it better, especially using Facebook as a medium grin ? Just be British and ignore.

housework Mon 10-Jun-13 13:15:43

What peggotty said.

coppertop Mon 10-Jun-13 13:18:19

But if you haven't even looked at her page since early May, does it really matter? You don't really talk to her much IRL either. What is it exactly that you think you will be missing out on? confused

PrincessOfWails Mon 10-Jun-13 13:23:47

Yeah, maybe I am being a bit dramatic...and you're right Pfaffer, about facebook as a medium! Nothing I can do.
We're not in regular contact really, but if she wants to start some trouble or something, make it difficult in any family situation, then I need to keep the moral high ground.
I will be British! smile

claudedebussy Mon 10-Jun-13 13:27:33

weird. it always amazes me how people do things with so little regard for others' feelings. why not just hide your posts if she doesn't want to have contact? far kinder.

but to make such a public statement?

very hurtful.

i would ignore it. but see if you can find out what's happened.

PrincessOfWails Mon 10-Jun-13 13:34:25

Yes - I do think it is some sort of public statement actually. There was no need for it.
I sent her a friend request - if she turns it down then that will be a clear signal I suppose?
But goodness knows how I can find out what I've done (I am assuming I have done something - why else would she do this? But to keep me guessing...grr!)
But goodness knows how I can find out - I really don't want to cause a row, and I imagine texting her to ask would be bad really! And phoning specifically to ask that - also bad?
DH is not too impressed - he doesn't like the singling out of me which implies it's personal!

claudedebussy Mon 10-Jun-13 17:11:23

how awful for you and well done for taking the high road.

blibblibs Mon 10-Jun-13 17:20:58

I defriended my SIL.

Its not me btw - I have a DH and I don't think my SIL will actually care or notice but when she 'liked' the BNP & EDL I could no longer share cyber space with her!

lissieloo Mon 10-Jun-13 17:29:51

Do you play lots of games? I know some people get pretty upset about game requests.

FWIW, I defriended my DB's SIL and BIL they were utter cunts, another brother, and hugely offensive lad from school. I like a good cull every now and then!

MerryMarigold Mon 10-Jun-13 17:33:17

Why would you defriend the other SIL, especially if she is the one 'properly' related to you?

I'd ignore...this happened to my dsis but she had defriended a whole lot of other people too so my dsis wasn't the only one. I think she added them back at another time.

AnAirOfHope Mon 10-Jun-13 17:39:17

I defriened my SIL and BIL when me and dh were having trouble in our marrage/when I had PND and when things settled bown I sent them a friend request which they ignore.

Its fine by me as I dont see them and have nothing in common. I guess they dont like me instead of asking what happened hmm

Nagh whatever.....

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 10-Jun-13 17:48:01


I honestly don't get why you are upset or care.

I love my brothers very much but occasionally consider defriending them on FB because increasingly I witter on about stuff I don't want them to see, like where to buy christmas presents for my niece or whatever.

If you've actually offended her in some way I'm sure you'll find out in due course, but it seems rather unlikely if your other SIL hasn't defriended you. Probably she just had a cull and you got caught up in it.

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