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Birdmites, bats in the attic, oh my! Help?

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Hatebugs Thu 06-Jun-13 10:23:05

Hi I hope this is the right place to post. I'm desperately seeking advice from anyone whose ever had the horrible luck of having birdmites in the home?

We've had them identified and (ignoring the crackpots on birdmitesong etc) googling revealed best way to deal is to find and remove any bird nests. Now unfortunately we think there are a few around the place sad main one where they are coming from is the attic. Pest control went up there today and couldn't see nest but did find bat droppings. He said this meant pesticide couldn't be used up there and we couldn't have the roof/ wall entry points sealed off. Obviously I don't want to harm the bats at all, but leaving the place wide open means we'll never be free of mites as the damn birds will keep getting in!!!!

We have scrubbed with essential oils, dusted diatomaceous earth everywhere, flea powdered carpets, bleached all walls and ceilings, and boil washed all clothes and bedding for up to 6 hours per day for the last week! I am just so worn out and at my wits end as they are still here. Far fewer, but still there nevertheless!

Pest control recommend whole house fogging/ spraying, but say they can't find nests to remove and can't bird proof attic because of the bats! So we're going to keep getting them! Oh please, please if anyone here knows of a way around this please help? The cleaning is relentless and now seems completely futile. I need to sleep and have my life back sad

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