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Sports Day Pain

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tricksybaby200 Sat 01-Jun-13 22:50:59

Can see why your proud of him. What a mature way to Handle it. Glad it got sorted x

piffpoff Sat 01-Jun-13 15:13:29

Thanks for replying, had just about given up checking for any smile I felt so bad for him and he was looking to me to somehow fix it.
Anyway it seems he sorted it by himself by talking to his teacher and taking a couple of his friends who were in the race for back up and was already 'over it' by the time he got home.
It's just typical that I end up feeling worse than they do, but am proud of how he handled himself as he can get himself all het up at the best of times.

tricksybaby200 Fri 31-May-13 21:36:47

I'm with you! Would bother me. Only because he was proud of himself. I'd have a quiet word with teacher and ask if they could acknowledge his place even if only quietly to him. You could always make your own medal. Kids tend to be ok about mixups as long as the grown up acknowledges them.

Hope you get it sorted

piffpoff Fri 31-May-13 12:24:20

Just returned from our sports day, DS2 in the flat race,v excited/ anxious has talked of little else in the past 2 weeks.
Anyway he did well and came 2nd or so I thought but wasn't given a place he hung around obviously waiting to be given one but was not. Oh well I thought I must have been mistaken, went over to speak to him, probably not a good idea as he became v distraught saying they had not seen that he had come 2nd. He was on the end in a lane which wasn't really a lane and was more difficult to see as was right next to the kids all spilling over on to the lanes.
My other DS1 said he thought his brother had placed and another boy came over to us to ask what had happened and why did he not get a 2nd place.
I was in a real quandary whether to mention it to the teachers, as what could they reasonably do after the fact and don't want to be 'one of those mums'. But really feeling my child's pain and the unfairness of it all, WWYD?
Please be gentle bearing in mind I was too chicken to post on AIBU smile

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