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upstairs neighbours cannabis smell getting into my flat?

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toni1bump Thu 30-May-13 14:29:35

Im not sure whether im posting in the right topic but hey, hoe.. Here it is!!

Just after a bit of advice really, i live in a multistorey block of council flats. The whole floor above me is druggies. Ive lived here for 6 months now and have always just ignored it and let them do their own thing and I do mine. Even ignoring loud music and noise eery night. But recently my flat has started to STINK on cannabis and it can only be from my upstairs neighbours. My.left and right neighbours do not smoke it and nobody lives underneath me. Its mainly in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and hall.. But sometimes gets into my living room and its driving me mad. Im spending a fortune in candles and air freshners and can still smell it. Ive even started waking up in the night with a dry mouth/throat from the fumes.. I dont want to confront them myself as i live alone and am 14 weeks pregnant. They arent the nicest people so.dont want any conflict. Ive emailed the housing officer numerous times.but got no replies. I dont know whether they are just smoking it or growing it aswell because the smell is so strong it literally smells like someone is smoking wee in my flat. The council are ignoring me so ive been advised by friends to contact the police but dont want to waste anybodies time. Im at the end of my tether now and getting so stressed out with it its making my

toni1bump Thu 30-May-13 14:30:09

oops.. My bad
Its making me ill with stress*

LackaDAISYcal Thu 30-May-13 14:31:42

call the police non emergency line if the council aren't responding

toni1bump Thu 30-May-13 14:35:49

They wont be able to do anything if they're smoking it in their flat will they? Unless they are growing it? I could try smile il have to wait for my candles to wear off so they can.come and smell my flat lol

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 30-May-13 14:39:26

If it's as strong a smell as you describe, I'd say there's a fair chance they are growing it. Agree, 101.

Lattetogo Thu 30-May-13 14:47:22

Some suggestions.

1-Ask them nicely to switch to hash as it doesn't smell as much.
2-Would you be able to bring social services into it given that you are pregnant? They might be able to put extra pressure on the council.

toni1bump Thu 30-May-13 14:53:40

I have no idea what hash is!! :p haha.. I dont really want to approach them as like i said they arent very nice :/ one of the blokes who is always in.the flat above me looks me up and down and offers me drugs and cigarettes and it makes me feel very uncomfortable! So.the last thing i wanna do is knock on.their door.. And if the police go round they'll know i contacted them because all.their other neighbours are their drug-smoking.friends lol.
I wil probablly contact the 101 number later and see what they say.

For.the record, if any pot-smokers read this and get offended then im sorry lol. I have nothing against people who smoke weed... Just the smell in my flat. If they smoked it away from me i would have no problem!

BlueStringPudding Thu 30-May-13 15:06:28

Might be worth giving Environmental Health a call - if it's permeating your apartment, then you may also be breathing it in - and especially given that you're pregnant, they should be able to give you some advice/do something.

CerealMom Thu 30-May-13 21:12:02

I would send in a paper letter to the chief executive of the local council cc'ing in the local police station. I would state in the letter the number of times (and dates) you have emailed the council and that you have not had an acknowledgement of the emails. I would go as far as to send recorded delivery.

Also put in the letter that you are a lone pregnant woman and you understand this information is given with the assumption of full anonymity (no mention of any personal complaint from neighbour) and should any reprocussions arise that you will be a priority for rehousing.

By copying in the local police it will get the council's finger out. The police may well investigate and the housing dept. can start eviction if necessary.

If you can smell it on the floor below they must be chugging for England and probably doing a 'Tom and Barbara' :-)
<that's The Good Life - growing your own, for you young wipper snappers>

toni1bump Thu 30-May-13 21:33:07

Thankyou. That sounds very thorough :p will get my dad to help me out with it all too.. Hes much more assertive than me!!

chubbychipmonk Sat 01-Jun-13 11:37:25

Phone the police, if it smells that strong sounds like they are growing it. If no one reports these things, police will never know.

They may just log it at first for intelligence purposes however if they get more than one report they may have enough to apply for a search warrant & turn up at house unannounced & put the door in.

Yes it is illegal to smoke it in your own home. It's still possession of an illegal drug.

toni1bump Sun 02-Jun-13 00:15:40

Contacted police yesterday. They said they will keep an eye on it. Not been round yet though. It has been pretty so.gonna.give another call tomorrow x

MummaBubba123 Sun 02-Jun-13 21:43:20

I'm sure it's bad for you n your baby

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