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WWYD RE respite

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devientenigma Wed 22-May-13 17:23:14

I have a disabled son with extreme challenging behaviour. He hardley leaves the house, so much the LA tutor him at home as he doesn't go to school. So apart from the 11 hours of education I am alone with him 24/7. We have been through so many different respite relief workers and the latest ones can't do half term. There is a chance of a new one, however I'm torn between reitterating my sons needs/history and having to be there for them to get used to each other or just not bothering with respite. If this was you WWYD?

SmileItsSunny Wed 22-May-13 17:30:21

Oh, don't give up - I'm sure, when it works well, respite must be an important part of your life!

tethersend Wed 22-May-13 17:40:54

Why is the LA only providing 11hours of education?

Your son is entitled to full time schooling.

How old is he?

I would give the respite a try- would cancelling it affect your chances of getting more in the future?

devientenigma Wed 22-May-13 17:56:34

Thanks, apparently they are entitled to give a minimum of 5 hours and originally we only got half of that based on DS not being able to cope with any more. He has been out of school for 3 year and gradually this has been upped. The fight for full time education otherwise I think only came into effect this year, however we have now found an out of borough school willing to accept him, it's just a case of formailty and assessments now. DS is 12. Cancelling shouldn't affect getting more respite in the future, in fact the respite centre who used to give him overnight stays has cancelled thinking he will be better off elsewhere. It just feels like it's always a load of hassle and nothing ever lasts. I know loads have been through it and I shouldn't whine, just felt like oh no here we go again. It is worth it really as if it works its someone else to add to a list of people who can help, though we struggle to get help when we need it iyswim. Just thought if the majority would still go with it, i'll pluck up the strength to go for it just a bit washed and deflated atm.

tethersend Wed 22-May-13 18:25:52

I'm not surprised you're feeling deflated... Have you posted on the SN boards? Few of us have been in a situation as stressful as you are facing, day in, day out, so we may not be best placed to make decisions about respite- to me, it would seem sensible to go ahead and plan for respite, but cancel next week if it proves to be an added stressor. This is providing your DS can cope with this of course.

Just so you are aware, the LA have a legal obligation to provide full time schooling for every child, regardless of their SEN/SN. If your DS can only cope with fewer hours, that's another matter, but the LA must offer full time provision.

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