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My friend's children have tea at my house twice a week- it's too much!

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Sunnysas Wed 24-Apr-13 03:13:20

My friends two ds have tea at my house twice a week. My husband works away and she is divorced so I occasionally offered to give her ds their tea on a Thursday before our boys went to beavers. This is convenient to her as I live near the scout hut whereas she lives 15 mins away in the car. Also the beavers drop off time clashes with her 11 yr olds football training. She arrives at 5:15 after dropping her 11yr old off at football I feed my three dc and her 7 yr old before dropping off at beavers at 6:00. She collects 11 yr old from football brings him to my house and I give him his tea before beavers pick up. This routine is now set in stone. In the beginning I was glad to help as she struggles juggling everything on her own and the 7 yr old wouldn't be able to go to beavers. Also it was nice to have company. However both our boys now do tennis on a Tuesday ( again near where I live). Tennis finishes at 5:30 and she comes to my house for tea before rushing off to football training for 7 yr old. She now expects tea every week on a Tuesday and Thursday. I seem to do all the work while she sits on the sofa playing with her phone and then goes home to a tidy house whilst i'm left with the mess five children can make. As you can see I'm feeling very resentful. I'm tired and overwhelmed and feel I have no control over my life or house. I don't mind once a week but twice is TOO MUCH! I might want to help MY kids with their homework or do chores! I feel guilty for feeling like this as she is a good friend to me. I don't want to fall out with her but I need a break - any ideas?

GiveMumABreak Fri 26-Apr-13 14:41:11

Sunny, how did it go? Did u say anything? (Maybe she's still away putting her house back together after a busy week of meals and childcare)

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