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Pros/cons of bigger house.

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Titsalinabumsquash Wed 17-Apr-13 16:51:28

We currently live in a large 2 bed house with separate dining room. We have 3 children.
We have the option of moving to a smaller 3 bed house. Pros and cons are as follows.

Pros of new house,

Third bedroom
Bath (currently only have shower)
Downstairs extra toilet
Large patio doors
Landscaped garden
Decorated to high standard
Loft already converted to proper storage area.
On a train line for DP's work.


No separate dining room (we use our current one as an office)
Out of town (although we both drive)
Slow Internet
Smaller kitchen
Higher rent
No green out front for the kids to play on (as current)
Neighbours although not a problem aren't friendly.

So, would you move?

Baring in mind in about 8 yrs we should be able to buy a place, I'm struggling to see an 8, 14 and possibly wheelchair bound 16 yr old in our current place. (DS1 has cystic fibrosis)

Kafri Fri 19-Apr-13 09:36:12

I would think about each room....

the new one has a smaller kitchen - how do you use your kitchen. If it's the 'family hub' then bigger is better. If like me its where you knock up a simple meal then smaller is ok.

Office - do you need it or would an extra bedroom be better suited.

Garden - if kids can play out back, do they need to play out front too?

Higher rent - will this, at least partly, be offset against say transport costs to work etc??

8 years is a relatively long time bloody hell, i will have an 8 year old then, rather than a baby if you live to regret not moving.

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