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WWYD... Common fault on Peugeot and out of warranty!?

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greengirlie Thu 28-Mar-13 17:56:50

bit boring am afraid but anyway.
MIL just bought us (very kindly) 4 brand new continental tyres for our car (peugeot 307 2004 plate), AFTER they were fitted we were told (by Halfords) that the Dual Mass Flywheel needed replacing and roughy quoted £1k and said prob better off part ex'n the car for another... this is not cool and since we cannot return these newly fitted bloody tyres! we either fork out the money and get a DMF or part ex and lose the £500+ for the tyres. We also got a second opinion from local mechanic who said 'yep DMF (dual mass flywheel) needs replacing' quoted around £600
Reported this to Peugeot as this is a common fault, they told me to go to local peugeot garage and get diagnostic which would then open the case.
diagnostic would cost £750 and cant be claimed back, told them that two mechanics already told me the problem but THEY need to diagnose it (yeah bet you do at £750!!!)
went anyway and got one of the peugeot bods to check the car and he said either clutch or DMF but couldnt be sure without stripping the car down and checking if it was the DMF.
have spoken to 3 people in peugeot and now had cust relations say 'sorry car out of warranty and nothing we can do" i can write to MD of company but not sure.. the DMF is meant to last on the car and we know that Peugeot in the past have replaced/contributed/sorted out others. whilst the car is nine years old the mileage is low(63k) and if you check the mileage in the car buying guides (parkers) our car is really good yet Peugeot class it as old and high!

pretty peeved and only had the car 2 yrs.... so annoyed
What would you do...? harrumph

gobbin Thu 28-Mar-13 18:54:46

Get rid of it and buy something Japanese!

MrsMcEnroe Thu 28-Mar-13 18:58:50

Having just spent another bloody £400 on our 2003 Peugeot I second getting rid and buying something Japanese! Or German. Can you part-exchange it with an independent second-hand reputable dealer?

This is our second Peugeot. According to every mechanic we've ever met (and there have been loads) Peugeots are unreliable, the parts are ridiculously expensive and they cost a fortune to maintain. We only have ours because we inherited it from my mum; we certainly wouldn't buy another one.

Ggrrr on your behalf.

gobbin Thu 28-Mar-13 19:06:22

Seriously, we've had a v old Skoda when they were still Czech (hopeless) but since then have had a Nissan Sunny, Honda Civic, Toyota Avensis and Corolla, Ford Fiesta and a Renault Clio (not in that order).

None of these cars have had serious, eye popping problems. Ford had minor oil leak, current Corolla needed rad work but it has done 104k and still going strong. The Jap cars just work. Get in, turn on, drive.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Thu 28-Mar-13 19:10:03

No advice but wanted to sympathise. The DMF went on my Toyota Corolla Verso and cost £1700 to replace. I remember standing there in shock saying 'but it's a Toyota'.

greengirlie Thu 28-Mar-13 19:32:18

Thanks guys! I miss my Corsa though Id never get the pushchair in the boot and it was a 3 door..hence the 'upgrade' it's the first time i had a peugeot... so annoyed with the dam car!
my fella is clueless (he would disagree with me...) he wanted to get a renault scenic which was super high in tax and petrol but his reasoning was it was cheap to buy and had a lovely glass roof!!!! nevermind the running costs! needless to say i totally vetoed that!
I think id like to go back to vauxhall cos they are cheap but yeah a jap car be very nice just the cost to buy!!!

what i am annoyed about and maybe being tres unreasonable is that i think peugeot should pay for it since they installed stupid DMF that were never up to the job! the funny part was a woman (i cant say lady as ladies dont break with wind and take ownership of good'uns wink) and the men talk to you like you only know the colour of the car and not about the bits n pieces!!! hmm

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