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Passed over for promotion

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fackinell Sun 24-Mar-13 18:32:30


fackinell Sun 24-Mar-13 12:39:44

I started a sales job two years ago and had a pregnancy which ended in MC last year. Since my MC my colleagues (four of us started at the same time) have been promoted and I have stayed in the same place. One has been promoted twice (and to be fair has got management experience) but the other two have been offered FT positions (no interview and the jobs were not advertised in any way for me to apply.)

There was a bit of banter when I fell PG that they 'should have given me the temp post' and I have been asked during "friendly" conversation if I'm still trying.

I have been described by management as being thorough, the best at telesales and with first class customer service. I have had consistently performed better than two of the others (sales wise) so what is going on?

We are now looking for another team member but I want full time instead of employing someone else. I know I'm considered a liability but can't prove it. I'm 40 and have no other DC.

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