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I have a dillema re: work/studies/taking risks. CM's opinions much appreciated.

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BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 11:36:29

I'm having the possible chance to enrol myself in a council funded course for childcare workers. I'm a CM (the course is the DCYPWLR in case anyone is familiar with it). Problem is, I already gave my clients notice to end my business as soon as the summer holiday starts however I need to be in work in order to complete the course as the tutors will need to do a setting assessment of my practice. My plan after closing my business was to find a work at a nursery/children's centre as I have nursery experience, but it is not guaranteed I will get a job quickly as the enough and if I'm not working I can't complete the course which means I have to pay the money back and not have the diploma, so a totally waste of time and money. I already spoke to the tutors about this and they said there will be no problem changing settings during the course eg: from my home to a nursery and they will even accept if I volunteer in order to get the assessment done (but they will accept volunteering only for a short period and only to fill gaps while I'm changing settings). So now I don't know what to do. Should I take the risk and sign up to the course hoping to find a job when I close, or carry on child minding for a bit longer against my plans and my family wishes? Or should I give up the course?

lljkk Sun 24-Mar-13 12:46:59

My old CM had only limited available weeks in the summer. Could you not do something similar?

BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 15:16:14

I'm travelling in the summer and there will be nor course during the period I'm travelling so there is no point for me to work just for the course during the summer period ifyswim. I already gave notice to the clients but I'm 100% sure they will stay if I change my ming to keep my business open, however I'm just unsure now if I should carry on against my wish just to get the course done or take a big risk and try and find work somewhere else...

Rockchick1984 Mon 25-Mar-13 17:01:46

I think it depends why you were wanting to change to a nursery setting rather than CMing any more?

BoringTheBuilder Mon 25-Mar-13 19:57:48

Lack of space in my home/husband working shifts

Rockchick1984 Mon 25-Mar-13 20:02:04

If thats how its been for a while, I'd be tempted to keep childminding a bit longer as although it must be difficult at least you know you can get the qualification which potentially would make it easier to get a job in a nursery?

BoringTheBuilder Mon 25-Mar-13 21:56:39

I woke up with a different feeling today. Had a chat with the parents of the child who has been me with me the longest and needs very flexible childcare (so difficult to find a very flexible CM, I mean working hours change a lot) and told her about my dilemma and said if she agrees to take up the 15 hours a week nursery funding for her child, I might keep him on. He is going to be 3 before the next term and it is not fair for him to stay alone with in my house. As much as I go out, he needs to form a long term relationship with other children and will benefit from a nursery setting since he is very bright, confident and outgoing.
Now we need to find a place for him
I won't risk not to finish the course
Once I get my diploma than I can look for a better position elsewhere

Roseformeplease Mon 25-Mar-13 21:58:00

Can you work in someone's home as a nanny?

BoringTheBuilder Mon 25-Mar-13 22:05:39

The funding isn't for nannies, just childminders or nursery workers

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