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would you tell your friend you'd slept with her man.

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guest2013 Tue 19-Mar-13 20:23:45

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a bashing but hey ho. I'm curious to know what others think.

About 2 years ago I slept with a guy who I knew was in a relationship. I knew his girlfriend vaguely but recently through a strange turn of events she's become a close friend.

Its eating me up, I feel like the friendship is fake. I regret so much doing what I did, (not just because I'm now friends with her)

She's not with him anymore and its highly unlikely she would find out..

What would you do?
(Try and be nice, we all make mistakes!)

claudedebussy Tue 19-Mar-13 20:25:24

keep quiet and don't do it again smile

SparklyVampire Tue 19-Mar-13 20:25:48

Keep it quiet, the only person you will hurt is her and potentially lose your friend

VerySmallSqueak Tue 19-Mar-13 20:26:53

Hush.Let it be and learn from it.

hurricanewyn Tue 19-Mar-13 20:27:06


She's not with him anymore. There'd be no benefit, except to you once you've unburdened yourself.

Just remember how you feel now the next time you're tempted to do similar.

(I'm pobably ammoral though)

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 19-Mar-13 20:28:07

Say nothing, but remember not to shag anymore blokes with partners.

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Tue 19-Mar-13 20:30:14

I would say nothing. More than that, I would lie my arse off if anyone ever told her! (yes. I would. No point not being honest grin )

But most importantly, I would never EVER forget what I'd done and how it made me feel and the problems it caused etc and make sure that I never knowingly did something like it again.

guest2013 Tue 19-Mar-13 20:30:30

Thanks guys, for the advice and for being nice. I can assure you there will be no more shagging blokes with partners!

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 19-Mar-13 20:39:21

No don't tell her. Why should she now suffer for your guilt?

suburbophobe Tue 19-Mar-13 20:49:11

Say nothing, but remember not to shag anymore blokes with partners.

Yes, when they are honest enough to tell you they have one!

Bluelightsandsirens Tue 19-Mar-13 20:52:50

No good will come from you telling her so I would keep quiet and hope you both never bump into him!

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