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Housing - Nightmare Neighbours

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lilly40 Sun 17-Mar-13 15:14:05

I have a huge dilema. I've lived in my 1st floor flat Housing Association for almost 10 years. There are 2 flats on each floor, 6 flats in total and two floors. Downstairs neighbours were overly friendly when we first moved in, saying last people who lived here were crazy, mad etc. Neighbour opposite me warned me about downstairs neighbours, saying if they don't like you they'll do everything in their power to drive you away as they did with previous neighbour. We keep ourselves to ourselves, are polite to neighbours, say hi etc, but don't socialise. As time went on downstairs neighbours seemed to try and control how I behaved in my flat. I received letters from my landlord regarding noise etc. So I don't now use washing machine after 7pm, don't vacuum after 7pm etc. Again I was annoyed, but not overly so. Returning from work one night, I was clearing up after a bit of quiet DIY. Time was early evening. I was vacuuming up some mess. My intercom starting noisily buzzing continually, so my then 12 year old son answered, to hear lots of obscene swearing. I went out onto the main landing and downstairs neighbour, husband, wife and son all shouting and swearing at me to shut the 'f**k up'. Shocked, I replied that they are not my landlord, don't pay my rent, and to stop being so abusive, and I went back inside.

This is where the nightmare with them started. I received almost weekly complaints from them, via my landlord eg. washing machine causing neighbour to be hospitalized due to noise and making her whole flat shake. Landlord checked out my 'new' machine, and told me not to worry, but to not use it after 7pm.

Upon returning from work one evening, I was shocked to see that someone had attempted to break into my flat. Luckily the lock I had put on was strong enough to prevent them breaking in. Police said that someone had been lying down kicking my door repeatedly, and the frame had split badly, causing over £400 of damage. None of the neighbours heard anything.

I spoke to my neighbour opposite and was told this week, that my attempted break in was the responsibility of downstairs neighbours. They said they don't want to get involved, and warned me to please be careful.

What am I supposed to do??? I have no proof, am faced with dagger looks every time I see downstairs neighbours, which I ignore, and can't go to Police as I have no evidence.

I'm pregnant, and worried how they will behave once baby is born due to noise it will make. They've driven away three sets of neighbours before me, and opposite neighbours say they keep on their good side as they don't want to be their next target.

What do I do???

quoteunquote Sun 17-Mar-13 18:53:18

start a diary,
phone 101 for advice,
go on the swap list,
Arrange a meeting with the housing association, and ask for advice as how to deal with these people, explain your neighbours are also scared,
get a concealed camera,

and good luck , how horrid, they sound a nightmare.

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