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A boy at school swallowed a pen lid today!......

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zumo Thu 07-Mar-13 07:14:27

I would have been straight round and taken him to A&E.
Many untrained or poorly trained people dont make the right decision in an emergency.
Having had to have a HSE approved first aid cert for many years due to my job I would never take the risk especially with children.
It may well be fine but what if it was stuck and he was fine but then it moved???
Every one should have at least some basic first aid training, its been worth it for me the time I stopped our daughter choking whilst my other half was running up and down panicking as they had no idea how to deal with it.

CPtart Wed 06-Mar-13 17:12:11

Just pondering this. A boy in my sons class (year 5) swallowed a pen lid during a lesson today. Apparently he began choking and clutching his throat, then calmed down and said "oh it's ok, I've swallowed it". It happened late morning and his mum was called immediately, but said she couldn't come for him until the end of the school day which she did and took him off to A&E to get checked out.

I don't know her personal circumstances but my first reaction was that I would've been there like a shot, leaving work immediately if need be. However if he'd swallowed the lid and was ok, was there any harm done in waiting?

Just made me think. What would you have done??

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