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Driving lessons!

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TheAAOrganisation Mon 11-Feb-13 16:47:32

Hello Sannaville, this is concerning and we would like to look into this for you. Please email the details to including reference FOR34501. Regards BSM

sannaville Tue 05-Feb-13 18:25:31

I got a grant through family fund for a driving lessons package of 44 hrs and two practical tests. I've finished the lessons and have paid for extra to take me up to my test on 1 march. However my instructor is a total sexist patronising idiot who makes me feel like a complete idiot and he makes me incredibly nervous when I drive to the point where if I mistake I can feel my heart pounding and I have to concentrate more on slowing my breathing than on my driving!!! Then I make more mistakes!!

Anyway I've stuck it out so far as I couldn't change instructors (am learning in automatic and no other automatic instructors in our area). Figure ill just keep going tip my test, I've bought myself a little semi-automatic car to practise in but I'm filled with dread that I will fail my test and have to take more lessons with him!

What the hell will I do if I fail??? Should I cut my losses of the additional free practical test I will have with BSM and just have a couple more lessons with a different instructor or should I just keep practising in my own car and apply to take test in my own car?

Am so worried Bout this. Thank you

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