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Doctors or not?

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kickassmomma Sat 02-Feb-13 18:47:45

My dd who already has a
Few medical problems has been having issues walking (previously posted bout it) I decided last week was enough and put in a transfere from our specialist hospital to another. As they had conpletly dismissed the idea of her walking issues 8monts ago and told me 3 weeks ago ( when they saw it) that it would need to be monitored closely). This is just one of a few reasons why I want a transfere but he newest. Anyway the day I requested a transfer I also made a gp appointment to see if we could get a referral for her walking problems. Her issues vary daily, on a very good day she will look like she has a slightly odd walk and just isn't that aware of people and objects so will walk into them. On a very bad day she will not be able to walk more than a couple Of meters without looking like a drunk person and falls over a lot, walks into everything etc and will need us to told her constantly to stop her falling and hurting herself. The past few day she has been really good, now I'm debating whether or not to take her to the gp on Monday. WWUD??? smile

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