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punishment for 9yo stealing?

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daffsarecomingup Sun 27-Jan-13 11:51:06

thanks so much, you guys, for responding. He took them out of jealousy - even though on his reward chart he has the opportunity to earn toy cars!!!
so glad that yo agree with me. i was half expecting replies suggesting that i was over reacting and that ALL 9 year olds do this!

deleted203 Sat 26-Jan-13 04:21:05

I think you've handled it fine. You've made it clear to him that this is absolutely unacceptable and that he will not behave in this way. As a matter of interest did you ask him why he did it? Was it a 'showing off' thing or was he really that desperate to have these toy cars?

Homebird8 Sat 26-Jan-13 03:55:01

I think you have responded well. He needs to apologise to the friend and it will make the friend's mum aware if the letter apologises to her too. The screen time restraint will remind him if his poor decision whenever he wants to do that too.

I'd be talking with him about opportunities and choices and the person he wants to be.

daffsarecomingup Fri 25-Jan-13 20:31:40

DS1 (9) came back from friend's house & I overheard him showing bro toy cars that he had stolen from his friend. I am so dissapointed and ashamed. I have made him write a letter of apology to his friend, and have taken his screen time away.
I know that children DO steal, but I am incensed that this has happened - surely at 9 he should more of a moral compass?
What would YOU do?

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