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About these colleagues?

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pippop1 Wed 23-Jan-13 18:06:50

Yes, I'd say nothing. Try and ignore her and her comments may not have been about you. Just keep away from her and sit elsewhere in the staff room.

StuffezLaBouche Wed 23-Jan-13 14:57:10

I've been in my new job since September and it's absolutely great being in a new school with nice people, as opposed to being bullied out in my last place.
However, I have two colleagues who seem to egg each other on in negativity. One joined at the same time as me and the other has been there for approx ten years.

I tend to keep out of the way of the longer standing of the two, as her conversation consists of mostly criticising the Head and telling malicious tales about other members of staff.

Today I walked into the staff room to find her talking intently to another member of staff and caught the words "cow in year(my year group) - who I presume is supposed to be me. hmm naturally when I appeared she started talking awkwardly about the snow on her drive.

I don't particularly care what this woman's opinion is of me, (although nobody likes to be disliked, do they?) But I am sick of the bitching, backstabbing and moaning - it's incessant. After every meeting she's sniding away to someone, mocking the Head or anyone else who's spoken in the meeting etc. it just creates a real crappy atmosphere and lack of morale in a place that's actually doing really, really well.

Would you say anything, or just carry on, keep your head down and wait for someone else to say something?

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