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Kafri Sun 20-Jan-13 15:30:31

Right this is quite trivial I know.
My contract is up shortly. I have iPhone 4 ATM. Am debating with the easy but more expensive option of iPhone 5 though I'm not convinced they have made enough changes from 4s to warrant the price. I say easy as I have a rather difficult 4week old ATM and it would be a case of swap sim and away we go)

I don't NEED the iPod feature as I do still have my iPod touch from b4 I had iphone


The Samsung galaxy s3 (I think that's the current one). This would be the cheaper option both for the handset and the contract but more difficult/time consuming as I'd have to input all my info as can't just sync with iTunes

The phones are pretty much on a par capability wise - obv ones iOS and ones android so differences there and in operating.

Before I'm moaned at for posting a daft thread, it's just me. I've always been into gadgets and gizmos. I don't want to make the wrong choice as I'm then stuck with it fur 2 years - poor me I know!!

Theas18 Sun 20-Jan-13 15:41:42

If you are a dyed in the wool apple addict then stick with apple. If you are open minded and have a little experience/willingness to work with different systems then I'd say jump ship and get a samsung.

I went iphone 4- galaxy note in May and it's great, does so many things better than apple and a few things are a little clunkier (the only thing that immediately today ,springs to mind is I have a digital movie copy that I want to put on the laptop and then to the note. Its set up " click here to transfer to itunes" dead easy, windows media player transfer isn't working at the moment because the new laptop hasn't got the right DRM security bit and I can't get it - might be a win 8 issue..). However I have an itunes to android app that I can use if I must put the movie on to itunes instead..

With the right app you can sync with itunes!

Slightly less stable platform probably as obviously many developers bring android apps out and these all have to be compatible with many different android phones and sometimes they aren't perfect. apple apps just work as there is one OS and one set of devices (well unless you have an older OS and they don't work with that of course LOL).

The other very annoying thing is that apple gadgets are compatible directly with workmail. Samsung not. However I now have an exchange appt that does that nicely too now.

bettydavis Sun 20-Jan-13 15:47:09

I changed from Apple to Samsung over a year ago. I just couldn't justify the cost of Apple anymore. I have the older Galaxy 2, and love it, much easier to use than Apple, I get lost on my DH iPhone. Also got the Galaxy tab for Christmas, again half the price of Apple.

Think Apple has lost it's way a little

bettydavis Sun 20-Jan-13 15:50:23

Also remember If you do upgrade to the 5 you wont be able to use any of your old docking stations.

daisydoodoo Sun 20-Jan-13 15:58:04

I changed from iphone 4s to galaxy 3 and love it. Much better. Screen a more user friendly size. Just feels better to use. All the apps I have on itunes I have on the galaxy also used an app that moved all my music from iTunes to the galaxy (phone sync)

Ive still got an iphone 5 as its work issued and I use it for work and for emails but always reach for the galaxy for browsing and facebok twitter etc as its better.

Only thing the iphone beats it on is that it looks prettier.

Kafri Sun 20-Jan-13 15:58:13

Yeah bloody docking stations. I knew about that but it keeps slipping my mind...

I am an apple bod, I have iPad/MacBook etc but I am perfectly open to trying the Samsung. I've had all the current brands in the past and I've always liked my old samsung phones - tho my last one was b4 smart phones. I dislike the HTCs (though I know others love them - personal choice, nothing concrete to complain about) and the Sony Eriksson I've had have all had AWFUL battery life.

Wouldn't go to blackberry again - they appear to be out of the market now. So that leaves me with apple and Samsung.
I am tempted by the Samsung. I'm good with tech so working it all out will be fine, it's just time now. Like I said a very difficult 4wk old to contend with too.

I guess I can sort all my info slowly, it'll all still be on my iPad/MacBook so I won't lose it!

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 20-Jan-13 16:01:42

Why not wait a bit? You don't have to upgrade now, wait until you've got the headspace to make a decision. Apple is the easier option for sure though.

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