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Relocating with school-age children?

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Jiddle Tue 15-Jan-13 11:01:55

Can't decide whether I should:

(a) stay in boring place that's a long way (80mins) from work and friends but where I have family to help with childcare, or

(b) relocate to a more interesting town close to work, closer to friends and closer to the DCs' dad but where I've no help with childcare and where rent is 100% more expensive? Am a single parent working full time, DCs are 11 and 9.

Under a lot of pressure from ex to move because then contact arrangements would be easier. But ex won't actually be doing any of the day to day help with childcare etc. I'd like to move in one sense, because the commute would be reduced, I'd get more time with the DCs, etc. But on the other hand, maybe putting up with a long commute is worthwhile to keep having the benefit of family help with childcare. Especially when the DCs are sick off school etc.

One DC wants to move (likes the new school), the other one doesn't (likes existing school). I don't know how to make this decision but need to quite soon because of accepting school places.

butterflyroom Wed 16-Jan-13 23:01:57

Tough decision. Could you afford the higher rent? Long commutes are stressful and wearing so cutting that would be a bonus. It's a bit twee but what does your heart say? What's your gut feeling?

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