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Oh keeps telling me 'white' lies!

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VitoCorleone Mon 14-Jan-13 20:57:33

Facebook is possibly the worst thing ever invented. Luckily my DP agrees so neither of us are on it.

I think if you cant trust him then you need to move on and find somebody who isnt a liar.

StuffezLaBouche Mon 14-Jan-13 20:54:17

Some people might say this is petty and trivial, but for me a liar is a liar. I spent 2 years ignoring my niggling feelings and finding excuses for my horrible ex. In the end he realised he didn't even have to put any efforts into his lies, it became a humiliating situation all round.
So yes, it may only be a "facebook row" but a liar is a liar.

WinterMammy Mon 14-Jan-13 12:33:59

So on new years eve about 2 mins before the count down oh was on facebook. Hes so private when it comes to him talking to his 'friends' so I'm surprised I even noticed! He called his 'friend' babe.
I kicked off and he said it was nothing and came up with 2 different excuses of why he called her it. Now don't get me wrong.. I could have brushed it off but he used to fancy her before we got together?! So anyway, I told him facebook is whats going to end our relationship blablabla, so this is how the convo went.

'I only go on to keep in touch with friends and family'
me - 'Well then you'll relize which one acutally give a shit about you because there the ones that will make the effort to keep in touch' something along those lines..
'Yeah I suppose your right, well I'm not going on anymore'

So he was on it earlier, said he was just checking something. But then I noticed a message was sent on Sat.. So I said.. 'I thought you only started using it again today?' him - 'What o I did'.. Don't fucking LIE MAN ITS RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last relationship was built on lies, not by me by the ex. He knows all this and now I'm wondering if he knows he can play on it? get away with it.

Its not that much of a big deal I know but for me, a lie is a the end of the line for me, I'm so soo pissed off right now I could actually pack up and fucking go, just over this petty thing! Its not the first 'white lie' I catch him out all the time on things just try not to make a deal out of it because I'm the mug that wants this relationship work.

Question........ why the fuck do you have to loose somebody in life before you realize what you've lost? Can people not just be fucking faithful and honest anymore?!

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