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Nearly New or Ebay - what would you do?

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TinkerTills Tue 13-Nov-12 11:03:33

Hi all,

No idea where to post this question - feel free to point me somewhere else if it doesn't fit here!!

I'm done having my kids now and don't plan anymore (!!) so want to sell on the stuff that is still useable. A few years ago everyone I knew sold stuff on ebay but there's been a big rise in Nearly new sales where I live and I wonder if anyone has experience of selling through both, or either. Which should I pick, or should I do both (selling some stuff online like pushchair for example? and clothes/ toys at a sale).

Any thoughts on where you get the best deal - selling fees on ebay seem a bit steep, but then the nearly new sales seem to charge about £15 a table and suggest you sell stuff for 20% of its original value.


lljkk Tue 13-Nov-12 11:08:49

Both good in different ways. NN is easier, in a way, one effort & you're done, and no come back (no worries they didn't' like your postage price or threat of bad feedback).

Better prices on Ebay for certain items.

I would think clothes and bulky things better at NN and small cheap to post toys, and specialist equipment, as well as more worn stuff (hard to describe how much wear stuff) better at NN.

Nevercan Thu 15-Nov-12 20:08:09

I sell at my local NCT nearly new sale and that works well and is sometimes easier than posting up a pic of each item on eBay and posting etc. check the NCT website to see if there are any planned in your local area

TinkerTills Fri 16-Nov-12 10:20:48

Thanks! Think i have decided to go the nearly new sale route!

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