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missed court hearing due to some messed up situations

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smallmotherbigheart Sat 10-Nov-12 10:42:15

ok, so i forgot.... BUT...

The night before I had an incident in which my personal safety was compromised and had to involve the police.


My poor boyfriend has spinal cancer and was suddenly taken into hospital on the day of my hearing. Basically my nerves and head was so shattered by this point that I totally forgot until I received a notification of default judgement, a judgement which I know would never of happened if I was there. Whats worse is I received it yesterday and didn't get to see it until this morning- at a time when it was too late to carry out the judgement. Not that I think I should because it appears that he lied to the court in my absence.

I think I can make an appeal but I'm not sure.... everythings just happening at a bad time and my ex is harassing us.... one minute seeing his son on our terms and then next minute using the court, Starting arguments about seeing his son and then refusing to see him. I'm so tired and I can't cope with all of it. I feel so weak right now, court wouldn't have been good for me that day.... I was in such a mess over everything. What the hell do I do?

Whatnowffs Sat 10-Nov-12 10:52:06

what sort of judgement was it? if it was for money and the repayments have been set to high, you can ask for a form (N19 i think) and request that the payments are reduced, it would help if you can make an appearance when this happens, then you can explain why you were unable to attend, it is always better if you can go there. (i know from experience )

smallmotherbigheart Sat 10-Nov-12 11:03:43

It was for a child contact case. It was a review hearing

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