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Should I bother the police?

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MarathonMama Wed 07-Nov-12 14:24:36

Yesterday I went to a friend's house for coffee in the afternoon. When I made my way to the car with my DDs afterwards there were three boys (about 13ish) were crouching down behind my car. When they saw me they pegged it, looking back and laughing as they went. At the time DD2 was balling her eyes out so I thought "silly boys" and got on with getting home for tea.

This morning I walked around the car and at the bottom at the back loads of patterns have been scratched into the car.

I'm so annoyed, it's probably going to be really expensive to sort and it's so close to Christmas. Can I report it now or is it too late? I'm kicking myself for not checking at the time. Grrr!

Whojamaflip Wed 07-Nov-12 14:51:22

I would report it to the police if you want to get your insurance to sort out - they will want a crime log number for the claim.

imo the polie won't find those responsible but you may be surprised - it might be a regular problem or they may know who it is.

DeepPurple Wed 07-Nov-12 14:54:24

It's criminal damage. You wouldn't be bothering the police.

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