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WWYD? Choosing hospital for birth

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philbee Tue 30-Oct-12 16:58:17

I'm 16wks pg, and booked in at the local hospital, hoping to go to their birth centre.

Today I found out that there are recommendations to close some or all of the maternity services (can't work out if it includes the birth centre, waiting for clarification). Public consultation, recommendations in Feb, changes over 3 yrs. I'm due in April. So it will prob still be open when I come to give birth, but staff probably looking for other jobs, morale low etc.

There is another hospital a bit further away that I could transfer to. No standalone birth centre but v good reputation for maternity services. We don't have a car, but would have to get a taxi to either tbh as I wouldn't be up to walking to the local one either.

Should I transfer or stick it out where I am not knowing what's going to happen?

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