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With the family dog?

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k2togm1 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:01:12

My parents need to come to the uk to stay with us after a failed business venture in the south of Spain. My brother is staying there with his Spanish oh and baby. My parents have a dog which they took to Spain at great cost because my brother didn't want to leave him behind overseas, but whom now won't have a home. We can't take him because our house is tiny and we have two cats who would be very upset, frightened etc.
my brother doesn't want to take him we suspect because his dg doesn't like the dog, although he says its because of money ( nobody has any basically, but they do keep picking up dogs they find astray). Also his way of keeping dogs is not the best (outside all the time, probably tied up quite a lot, it's the way they do it in the south of Spain). I have written to my brother saying that we'll help with money for the digs food if that's the issue, although we don't have much spare cash either. I don't think that is the real reason though.
So my dm is thinking about finding a family to adopt him, but I dread that. I lived in Granada for a year some time ago and they release cats in the motorway when they don't want them anymore, and the dogs home kills them after two weeks if they haven't been adopted! I wouldn't trust anyone with a pet there.
So what can we do? My parents may be able to bring him in about a years time when they've found their feet here, but I have no idea what could be done in the meantime. My dgm thinks we should put him down, she thinks it would be more humane than giving him away or letting my brother have him tied up. Wwyd?

Nigglenaggle Mon 22-Oct-12 21:24:11

Is there anyway you can turn over one room of your house to the dog - kitchen maybe, or utility, or even convert the garage if its not used for a car. I agree your cats shouldnt be forced to put up with him, but if he can be coralled off somewhere this might be a good compromise. It sounds medium term and to be honest, I know people who keep their dogs like this full time and it can work well if they are still getting good walks and attention. Its the only reasonable solution I can think of.

k2togm1 Mon 22-Oct-12 22:23:44

It would be the solution, yes, but we have no garage, we don't even have a front garden, we have one floor with kitchen, table and living room, and two bedrooms upstairs. It's truly a tiny house sad

k2togm1 Tue 23-Oct-12 17:16:28

There is really nothing we can do, is there?
I'm so angry, and it's not even my dog. I'm really pissed off with my dm and brother angry

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