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Would you make the move?

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Janey2012 Wed 17-Oct-12 18:51:01

Hi I have a 4 week old baby boy & am a first time mum. We live in a big city & my husband travels 1.5 hours each way to get to work every day which is near a tiny little village. Due to the commute & him being out of the house 12 hours a day he wants us to move over & rent a house close to his work so he doesn't have to do the journey everyday & can see more of our son (&me apparently!). His work is due to be moved back to the city in a year's time so we'd move back into our home after a year. My husband has suffered from bad depression in the past & is affected by the bad weather in winter.
My worry is that I will miss the ease & opportunities of living in a city & making new mum friends & if I move over that I make friends there than have to start over again when we move back which is disruptive for me & baby boy. I also worry about spending the next month packing & not enjoying spending time getting to know my baby. My husband has given me very little time to make a decision & is leaving it up to me to make the final decision to move (I looked at houses when the baby was 2 weeks old & still recovering from stitches) & says he is fed up of waiting for me to decide but I feel it's a big thing to decide about especially on 3 hours sleep a night with a baby who has colic so get no time to myself.
My family live away & my husband says he'd be a better support as he wouldn't be out of the house for so many hours a day but I feel the move benefits him more than me...
What would you do?
Thanks x

lljkk Wed 17-Oct-12 19:07:23

Can you drive? If yes, I don't see any problems, as long as you're willing to track down toddler groups & activities to go to.

Janey2012 Fri 19-Oct-12 00:21:44

Thank you for your reply lljkk I can drive & have looked up a few baby groups now so feel a bit better about making the move

ThreeWheelsGood Sat 20-Oct-12 04:25:36

I'd move - it'll benefit you both, a 1.5 hour commute is massive so him getting home sooner will help. In terms of packing/house hunting, make clear to him you're not yet recovered from birth and you're prioritising looking after baby, ask that he does as much as possible, maybe with help of family.

Happybunny12 Sat 20-Oct-12 04:29:17

I'd move. DH will have more time to help you with the LO. Get lots of help for the actual move though.

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