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Let down and confused

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Tearose71 Wed 17-Oct-12 18:40:08

I have recenently got hold of my medical record snd read that My beautiful and unique son who is twelve suffers from severe learning difficulties autism and limited mobility suffered from fetal decelerations of 70 -80 beats two hours before he was delivered my self or my husband were not made aware of this and no c section was mentioned this has knocked me for six big time could it be the reason for my sons problems ??

Penneyanne Thu 18-Oct-12 00:15:26

Oh God,Tearose,what an awful shock to get-I really dont know to be honest.I have a 12 year old with Aspergers but thats not birth related.Why dont you post it in chat /aibu as you are bound to get advice from some medical bods seeing as there is much more traffic there!

BeingBooyhoo Thu 18-Oct-12 00:30:39

this must be a huge shock to you. how awful. my son stopped breathing after he was born but none of the staff told me! it was only because my mum is a midwife (but wasn't present at the birth) and read my notes that she was able to tell me. how do they get away with not telling parents thses things? it's not acceptable.

Tearose71 Thu 18-Oct-12 10:08:41

Thanks guys I've tried asking my GP who has told me fetal decelerations are quite normal and it's quite unlikely the two are not linked but the more I keep finding out the more frustrating it is I'm new to all this smile I shall try chat boohoo hop I hope your son did not suffer any lasting damage, and pennyanne hope your son is doing well xx

BeingBooyhoo Thu 18-Oct-12 14:07:23

thankfully no, he is absoloutely fine. i'm glad you have had your mind put at ease. sorry you had to go through that in teh first place.

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