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I've just bought a bed for £1.42 but

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ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 12:21:18

The seller (eBay) has contacted me this morning saying they cannot possibly sell the bed for £1.42 as they bought it (years ago) for £500. Personally I wouldn't have paid 500 quid for it not then and not now. I have other beds in my 'watch' list which I like better but may go out of my budget. I agree that £1.42 is beyond bargainous. However, I wouldn't pay more than £20 for this bed.

The seller has asked me to pay £75 for it plus I have to go collect the damned thing.

Wwyd? They have 100% feedback on 250 odd transactions incidentally.

I don't want to pay more, I don't want to negative feedback them particularly, but I am cross.

purplehouse Sun 14-Oct-12 12:49:37

Forward the email to eBay without tipping off the seller. They have broken the rules.

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 12:50:02

Actually scratch that. If you agree to mutual cancellation, they will get their fees back. If you refuse, they'll lose them.

So say you're not interested in paying them what they want for it, and then ignore their requests to cancel. Or refuse to cancel when the email from ebay arrives.

Stuff them.
Though I'm not sure if you van still leave feedback if you cancel/they cancel/whatever? Might be worth looking up.

GhostShip Sun 14-Oct-12 12:50:12

Pay the £1.42

Once you've paid that bed is yours. Technically.

Then open a case with Ebay, because obviously they'll not let you have it

safflower Sun 14-Oct-12 12:51:46

do a completed listing search. I have found it. antique french childs bed.

I once sold a pair of brand new golf shoes. Got 99 pence, cost me 12 quid to send. Kicked myself and never did it again. BUT I never thought i wouldn't honour the sale. My fault as the seller entirely. Lesson learned. Buyer muse have died laughing at the cost of potage when they received them. But hey ho that is life.

I think they need to do the same.

safflower Sun 14-Oct-12 12:52:47

oh the golf shoes were 45 quid new and i had paid that for them and never worn.

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 12:53:27

Oh gosh I wouldn't look without the oP's say so (or linking)
I was just being nosey

Coincidentally I have an antique child's bed I don't want if anyone's interested!! Probably too far away though.

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Sun 14-Oct-12 12:54:12

We once won a tumble drier for 99p. Seller got shirty but my H (now ex) turned up anyway for the drier with his dad, and they ended up giving in.

TomDaleysTrunks Sun 14-Oct-12 13:01:24

I just stupidly sold a brand new pair of startrite shoes for 99p. I'm kicking myself but will still honour it. Someone got a bargain - lucky them!

ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 13:12:11

Yes it's THAT French bed. Its nothing special in my opinion but it's sweet enough. I have a Corbeille double which dd was going to have in her room (we've just moved) but it doesn't fit so we're trying to find something similar for her on a tight budget but obviously smaller.

Very good advice on here. Thank you. I've not mn'd for yonks - I may be about to become re-addicted! (I've inadvertently name changed)

Have emailed seller to say I am mulling this over, and asked why they didn't set a reserve. Out of curiosity mainly.

ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 13:14:01

Ed, where are you and is your bed beautiful and not a 500 pound item of luxury?

Unacceptable Sun 14-Oct-12 13:20:13

Ridiculous way should you pay more and they are so rude for asking you. If you arrived at their home to collect and said 'here's £20 item was woth that to me' then that would be a lovely gesture but as they've specifically asked I'd give them the winning price to the penny.
I have 3 things ending today on ebay-one of them is a really cool smart cycle thingy and is easily worth more than 99p but if that's what it goes for then so be it. I was well aware that could be the case when I listed it without a reserve. I wouldn't dream of asking anyone more than the amount they won any item for. If they wanted £70 they should have taken steps to ensure that they got that!

Unacceptable Sun 14-Oct-12 13:25:07


XandaPanda Sun 14-Oct-12 13:28:17

I'd take a case up with eBay as it is a legally binding contract, don't offer them anymore money, Tell them you will have the bed for what you won it for or you will open a case and they will end up with negative feedback, if they don't want to receive negative feedback then they will more than likely let you have the bed for what you won it for

ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 13:33:47

DP just said he sold some designer jeans that went for 99p despite being worth more. You win some you lose some. I sold a wrought iron cot not so long ago for less than I paid for it and was mildly disappointed but didn't try and back out of the sale. It goes both ways. I've made mega bucks on a couple of things which were re-ebayed baby items. When that has happened I've been ultra accommodating through the transaction, rounded down the pennies, etc. when the buyer collects... I'm just not hard nosed enough and this is probably why I am not a millionaire and never will be smile

BlathersNightOfTheLivingDead Sun 14-Oct-12 13:35:26

Not your fault they're too daft to have put a reserve on the item.

I'd report them to Ebay too otherwise they might try this again

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 16:47:56

We're in the S's nice, it's an old pine one with sort of scalloped sides, three foot wide, about 6ft long with specially made mattress as it's a bit shorter than usual.

It currently has no slats though. Not sure it's 'beautiful' either! I will go and look for yours and see if it is anything like.

TheMonster Sun 14-Oct-12 16:50:37

We had a similar situation a few years back with a dining table. I contacted eBay and they contacted the seller and pointed out how they were breaking the rules. We got it for the 99p and the seller was really snarky about giving us the 1p change.

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 16:51:08

Ok found it. It's nice, but £500?!!!

Ours is almost identical but it's unpainted, just wood - and the ends are a bit less fancy.

I paid £50 but now have got a cot bed, so we don't need it...well anyway. You'll probably get this one for 20 or less! smile

ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 20:55:20

Now, we have a reply which furthers the dilemma. Seller has graciously conceded that the fault is theirs entirely and that they will live and learn and thus sell to me at the price I won the auction.

I'm very pleased that this seller is now being completely reasonable. As a result I feel I should offer them some concession, bearing in mind I shall be virtually stealing their beloved bed from them (I'm bring poetic, I realise I justly won this auction at a very good price).

Shall I let them re-list, offer a bit more (anti-eBay policy so for this reasonnot keen to do this otherwise probably my preferred course of action) or just turn up with my coins and go?

ohmichellemichelle Sun 14-Oct-12 20:56:44

I think the seller is a mnetter :D

BlathersNightOfTheLivingDead Sun 14-Oct-12 20:56:48

You could turn up and give them £20 if you were feeling generous I guess...

GhostShip Sun 14-Oct-12 20:56:57


You won it, you take it for the price you won it for.

Its their mistake, and they should have to pay for it.

They're probably being reasonable in the hope that you let them relist it or give them more

germyrabbit Sun 14-Oct-12 20:57:48

offer more, would be nice of you. people make mistakes

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 14-Oct-12 20:59:47

I'd offer 20 probably.

Look at it when you get there - sometimes things are not quite as great as the photos pretend...and make a judgement once you've seen it. If it's scruffy then give them the exact money, if not then a bit more.

BellaVita Sun 14-Oct-12 21:05:16

Tell them to piss off and report them to eBay.

They have listed it at 99p to avoid insertion fees because they are bloody tight. If they wanted more they should have started it higher and put a reserve on it.

We have a table and chairs on eBay, started at 99p, if it had gone no further than the first bid then so be it, lucky buyers.

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