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ExH left DD(5) at party without saying he was going

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Minstrelsaremarvellous Sun 30-Sep-12 12:57:52

He didn't tell her he was leaving her there and understandably she got upset when she couldn't find him and didn't know when he was coming back. I don't mind her being left at parties as long as it's explained that we're coming back at a certain time etc.. She's generally happy staying places and has settled into school brilliantly. However, I always take care to explain if I'm leaving her somewhere, where I'm going and when i'll be back. He's dropping her back this afternoon and I wondered whether is should have a little chat to explain this? It's reassurance for her.

Schlock Sun 30-Sep-12 12:59:52

Assuming he's a reasonable man and a decent father couldn't you just ask him to tell her that he's leaving next time?


mellen Sun 30-Sep-12 13:00:02

How did you find out what happened? Did he tell you?

Minstrelsaremarvellous Sun 30-Sep-12 13:05:15

I saw another mum last night and she said my DD was upset (and explained how she was). He is pretty reasonable and I'm not going to launch into some tirade - so I'll probably just kind of mention it this afternoon.

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