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Godparent Gifts....

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MickeyTheShortOne Fri 28-Sep-12 21:29:40

Right MN jurors.. I need your help.
So, we're breaking tradition and not having our LO christened, but we have selected godparents, because we have alot of important friends that aren't quite family and well.. I think its just important to us that LO has godparents.
Anyway. Godparents have been selected, and two godfathers, two god mothers, all are over the moon at being asked and are dead excited for the new arrival.
So. I want to buy them all a gift, as a kind of "thankyou for being godparent" and as a special thing for them so that they always know that our LO will love them, etc etc, if you catch my drift. sentimental cow
The two godmothers are my best girl friends. I bought them both a charm bracelet each for their birthdays, so their presents are easy. I simply buy them a charm to go on their bracelets saying "godmother" or something to that effect.
But what do I do for the godfathers? They're not jewellery wearing men, one is a paramedic and the other runs a pub.They're both quite butch really. I'm completely stuck for ideas. DP is happy to buy a mug for each and leave it at that.. but I can't help feeling thats a bit... not crappy, (I love personalised mugs as much as the next person) but not quite.. substantial? enough. I think this is the word I'm looking for. Help!!!!

Nevercan Sat 29-Sep-12 20:10:29

Cuff links that can be worn on special occasions?

Pancakeflipper Sat 29-Sep-12 20:21:30

We found mugs that said Fairy Godmother - those obviously went to the females. .

The men got a Gorgeous Godfather mugs. They loved them. We had these made but it wasn't super expensive.

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