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Watches - buy the top end model of a cheaper brand or the bottom end model of an expensive brand?

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Waspie Fri 28-Sep-12 13:22:39

I'd like to buy my partner a watch for his birthday and I have set a budget of £500. I wouldn't normally spend this much but he really loves my Omega watch and would love a "high end" watch.

I can't run to an Omega, or similar brand, as the starting price is around £2k so I'm looking at brands like Tissot and Citizen which top out at about £600.

But I could buy an entry level TAG Heuer watch for just under £1k. Double my budget of course but would it be worth the additional cost in terms of quality, longevity etc? Also TAG would count as a high end watch which I know he hankers after. I can't buy a watch just for the brand though. I would need to know that its quality is worth the additional money and that it would last him forever.

Here are the two I like the look of:
TAG Heuer Formula 1

Tissot Titanium

Or, I could buy him something totally different (read cheaper wink) this year and save up for an Omega or Brietling for his 40th in two years time.

So, WWYD? Any thoughts appreciated smile

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