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Car repair danger

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mynameis Mon 24-Sep-12 13:48:51

Last month our car broke down on route to our holiday.
Much faffiing around later we got a tow to our destination and had the car repaired by a local garage.

Journey home and the car starts making an ominous rattle. Back home we take it to our usual repair place who take it out and suggest its the anti roll bar knocking and there's no great urgency to fix it.

Sooo fast forward to yesterday where the ominous knocking turns into a huge clanging which results in a front wheel flying off as i went round a corner!
By some miracle we didn't crash and our flying wheel missed everything and anyone in the vicinity

Guy who towed the car home is a mechanic who having looked at the car said the wheel wasn't put back on correctly on the last repair.

So is it worth complaining? I'm just thankful we are all in one piece tbh but family and friends are telling us to complain to original repair place or local repairer who didn't spot the problem

Nevercan Mon 24-Sep-12 19:41:52

I would complain to both to be honest and see what they can offer you. The local one might wells give you a free MOT or something as a goodwill gesture...

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