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break up

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omio Thu 20-Oct-11 11:27:20

Me and my partner have broken up and live in his house, none of my 3 children are his and i do not know what to do about moving out, i am an at home mum so dont have any money or saving of my own. how do i go about getting housing and how long will it take?

Meita Fri 21-Oct-11 11:03:29

Sorry I can't help, sounds like a difficult situation to be in. Where did you live before you moved in with him?

Really just bumping for you. Maybe you'd get more responses in legal matters?

GypsyMoth Fri 21-Oct-11 11:18:56

Council..... Put yourself on housing list. Private rental? Ask council if they run rent assist scheme, it lends deposit/advance rent, so you can rent a place yourself. Then apply for housing benefit/ other benefits

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