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stealing toys

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Rillyrillygoodlooking Wed 19-Oct-11 01:48:46

It is the holidays here at the moment, so we have been having preschool meet ups outside of preschool for the last two weeks. The first week 4 mums and their kids came to me. Because it is the holidays one mum brought her two older kids as well, which was fine.
The 8 year old boy wasn't particularly respectful of my house, but I kind of ignored it. When I was tidying up after, our box of hot wheels cars looked slightly less full than normal, but I don't count them in and out so didn't think anything of it.
His mum then offered for all of us to go over to hers this week. When we were getting out the of the car, out of sight of his mum, the same boy showed me three "new" cars he had got, one for him and one for his two brothers. They looked exactly like three hot wheels cars we have got, and I said so. He said they weren't ours so I left it.
When we went home I checked and our same cars had gone. I haven't found them anywhere else in the house either.
I will add as well that their mum told me that they don't have many toys as they destroy or lose them.

We see his mum every week at preschool, should I mention it, or just forget about it? I was just going to stop inviting her in the holidays and leave it at that. Its more annoying that he potentially stole, its not so much about the cars.

LemonPeel Wed 19-Oct-11 06:11:34

Well if it bothers you, then you can explain to the mum that you are not pointing the finger, but you thought you had mislaid a few cars after all the children came over the other week (which means you are including the other mums children) and her ds has just anounced they athey bought 3 new cars. She will know if it is true or not.

I still think you have lost them for good though, but next time they come over, tell the children that the cars are getting a bit short in the box and you need to make sure they all go back in afterwards, that should be warning enough.

As a mum of older dc, i have been through all the toy going missing stage. Unfortunately it does happen, and you just learn to keep your eye out for certain 'magpies'. Likewise, one of mine at the age of 2/3 would love to stuff something in his pocket when he had been to play with people, or brought something 'extra' home from nursery.

I just made him give it back and apologise for his mistake!

Rillyrillygoodlooking Wed 19-Oct-11 08:56:23

Thanks for your advice lemon peel. Somehow I don't think the mum would accept that her son did take them, but not because she thinks he's an angel iyswim. I thought they had left a small toy at ours so I gave it to her, she didn't recognise it and asked her son if it was his. He of course said yea. Now I am not sure it was his.
Now I just sound a suspicious old bag!
I know that we won't get them back, but every time I see the box of cars I get annoyed that I didn't say anything then and there.

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