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could this really work or do we stay away?!

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miaboo Tue 18-Oct-11 08:53:40

Hi All
I really dont know what to do!
I am in job which I really do not enjoy anymore and want to be happy!
We have an opportunity to buy some softplay equipment (actually it's the lot, kitchen equipment, chairs table etc) we would have to borrow the money for this from a family member as we have none! Then we would have to find a premises so where the money will come from for all this I do not know as yet! I am thinking of extending the baby/toddler part as this would be the main income during the week, I was thinking of having baby bouncers, play tables, baby gyms, nice wooden toys and walkers etc, comfy chairs for brestfeeding mums in a nice seperate area, then having a bit bigger soft play for the 1-2's also supervised so no bigger children!, as well as the larger playframe for the older children, I would also like to open the party rooms up during the week for messy play and craft activities.
Menus would be basic and simple, beans on toast, egg on toast, sandwiches etc and would also include healthy options, and I would have baby jars, yoghurts, cartons of baby milk on sale to.
My questions really are would you take the risk, what do you think?

BlingLoving Tue 18-Oct-11 08:58:52

It depends on where you are. Are there already lots of soft play area or similar nearby? How affluent is the neighbourhood? Will people pay to come to you? How easy will it be for people to get tk you? Bus/train/parking? How will you advertise your services?

Obviously there is a living to be made as people do it, but you need to be clear on whether you can get the punters in.

Might be worth talking to local recreation centres or churches to see if they have people who would use it or even could help with renting you premises.

Bramshott Tue 18-Oct-11 09:01:11

I think it can be quite hard to make a soft play pay as a 'stand-alone' business, outside of an existing leisure centre. Certainly all the independent ones round here seem to have closed down in the last couple of years.

CMOTdibbler Tue 18-Oct-11 09:10:41

It really does depend where you are - if you have a nice childrens centre or other facility where young families can hang out, then not much of a business to be had. But if there isn't much provision for nice places that babies and toddler owning parents can go, and if you can economically make it work then think it through more

miaboo Tue 18-Oct-11 09:29:32

The area I am looking at hasent got one, it used to but it did close down but from what I can find out it was because she put far to much money into it far to soon and then couldnt make repayments, I wanted to focus on the under 2's during the week as other play centres dont focus on this to much and you always see mums having to hold younger babies so this is why I wanted a 'nursery type area' where mums can encourage sitting, crawling, exploring etc without the fear of there babies getting trampled on! Advertising wise would be alot of leaflets, a facebook page, posters, car signs and me at the school gates!
I would also like to set up regular mums and baby/toddlers groups offering discounts to these, and also try and make extra money by having photo sessions, osbourne books and even joining avon myself and offer my sevices through the centre.

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